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For over 10 years AllStart has been in the business of providing handheld power solutions to consumers. AllStart offers the most powerful and safest lithium powered jump starters and power banks in the industry. Whether emergency jump starting your vehicle or providing back up power to your phones, tablets or other devices, we have the backup power source you need.

AllStart jump starters range from the Boost line that weighs in at under 2 pounds to the traditional lead acid battery jump starters. Our power banks come in a variety of shapes and sizes with varying charging capacities. Many of our power banks also come with customization options that allow you to brand your company with these efficient devices.

AllStart is the handheld power brand of Horizon Tool, Inc., located in Greensboro, North Carolina. Horizon Tool, Inc. combines in house manufacturing and a global supply chain with full line packaging capabilities to meet the diverse needs of our customers all over the world.

Horizon Tool, Inc. manufactures and distributes four of the highest quality and well respected hand tool brands in the world:

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Cal-Van Tools offers a leading specialty tool brand in the automotive market. Meeting the needs of professional technicians through innovation and quality. We make tough jobs easier.

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All Start provides the most powerful and safest Lithium powered Jump starters and power banks in the industry. Whether emergency jump starting your vehicle or providing back up power to your devices.

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AutoGrip tools provide technicians, as well as DIYers, with a more efficient selection of quality hand tools to make all jobs faster and easier. These patented designs take innovation to the next level and improve upon both design and function.

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KT Pro provides industrial grade hand tools. A complete line of hand tools including sockets, wrenches, ratchets, screwdrivers, etc. Superior quality to meet the needs of the user without failure. 

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