OBD2 Memory Saver


The Allstart OBD2 Memory Saver is an accessory that works with the Micro Boost and Boost Portable power units, as well as most other Lithium Jump Starters on the market. The only Memory saver designed for use with lithium portable power units with fuse and back charge protection. No need to lug around heavy lead acid jump starters. Saves service time during battery disconnect or exchange, by removing the need to document and reprogram settings back into the various components and accessories.

Works with the 540 Micro Boost, 550 Boost, or 2nd Generation 560 Boost Max. Does NOT work with the 1st Generation 560 Boost MAX.

Patent Pending

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Additional Information

Weight .40 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10.25 × 6 in